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Coffee shops rely heavily on two factors in order to achieve success -- speed of service and customer loyalty.  It's important to choose a coffee shop point of sale system that provides the tools your business needs to excel in these areas.  Restaurant Pro Express is a point of sale system designed to suit the needs of specialty coffee shops.

Fast Checkout.  Customers visiting coffee shops for their morning wakeup or an afternoon jolt have only a few minutes to get back to work.  The easy touch screen interface helps your servers ring up lattes, espressos and desserts in just a few seconds.  Restaurant Pro Express can print coffee orders to a barista printer, ensuring the correct drinks are made with the proper modifiers.  This save time from the popular "write the order on the cup" method and organizes the shops where the order-taker calls out the drinks to the barista.  Faster, streamlined operations result in faster service, shorter lines and higher profits from increased throughput.  Restaurant Pro Express is an easy coffee shop point of sale system that enables fast checkout to keep your lines moving.

Generate Repeat Business.  Repeat customers are often more important than new clientele, as they make up the majority of business at most coffee shops.  Friendly service and good coffee, tea and cuisine are key factors that keep your guests coming back for more, however, offering a few perks and some extra attention will help spur repeat business.  The Restaurant Pro Express coffee shop POS system has built-in customer loyalty functionality that automatically tracks perks such as bonus points, birthday rewards and frequent visitor discounts. Customers tend to spend more dollars and visit more frequently with plans such as buy ten coffees get one free or receive $ 1 off your next purchase if you visit within three days.   You can give your customers customized loyalty cards (with your logo) that they can use to quickly identify themselves with at the POS.

A few other coffee shop POS features:

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