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Some of the busiest restaurants are fast food restaurants. Checking out a customer quickly and handling the orders are key to successfully running an efficient fast food store. With Restaurant Pro Express point of sale, having a simple-to-use cash register system that handles customers, kitchen order printing or order filling while working with the most commonly used hardware is an inexpensive reality.

With its customizable touch screen menu, you don't have to wade through cumbersome screens to add items to an invoice. With kits, you can sell value meals and track inventory levels. Additionally, Restaurant Pro Express has extensive employee tracking. Features like Time Clocks and Job Codes will allow you to track hours and wages as well as assigning employees to different positions within the restaurant. You have many reports at your disposal to track inventory, sales, employees and even customers.

A typical register system for a fast food restaurant would include Restaurant Pro Express Dell small form factor computer, cash drawer, thermal receipt printer, pole display, credit card reader and a flat panel LCD touch screen monitor. This combination of hardware peripherals is a sure way to successfully run an efficient operation. Add the Enterprise edition and Host Module version of Restaurant Pro Express if you are a chain of fast food restaurants for seemless synchronization of sales between all your locations. Ask a pcAmerica sales representative about the Enterprise Host Module.

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Complete Register System as Shown $3795

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Computer shown includes Restaurant Pro Express, Dell small form factor computer, Epson thermal receipt printer, MMF cash drawer with organizer, credit card reader, Logic Controls pole display and ELO flat panel touch screen.