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North Station Liquors Integrates CRE with LevelUp for Speed, Analytics

North Station Liquors Integrates Cash Register Express with LevelUp for Speed, Analytics

Boston-based North Station Liquors is well stocked with more than 200 varieties of beer and a selection of wines and liquors from around the world. North Station Liquors small, unassuming store front also offers an impressive range of specialty products, including small batch whiskey, craft vodka and gin, hard-to-find wines and craft beer.

The store is located across from North Station, a street-level subway and commuter rail station located at Causeway and Nashua Streets. The location attracts business from commuters, discerning customers who live in the area and patrons on their way to events at nearby TD Garden, a sports and entertainment arena located above the station.

The store sits at the crossroads of a busy transportation hub—North Station also serves the Amtrack’s Northeast Corridor service as well as the MBTA Commuter Rail—and it was looking for a new, innovative way to draw in some business from the thousands of people who pass through the station every day.

The store’s managers decided that accepting mobile payments would give them an edge over the competition, so North Station Liquors began accepting LevelUp, a mobile payment and loyalty application, in June 2012.

“We chose LevelUp because it gives the ability to run promotional and loyalty campaigns through the app,” said Jawsh Sheppard, manager of North Station Liquors. “It helps the store become more visible, turns first-time customers into repeat ones and enhances our relationship with established clientele.”

The store was issued a portable LevelUp terminal that sat next to its POS station to process mobile wallet transactions. It didn’t take long to complete each transaction, but it was a two-step process that required the cashier to enter data on both the LevelUp and POS terminals.

North Station Liquors uses pcAmerca’s Cash Register Express (CRE) point of sale system, a state-of-the-art, award-winning retail POS. It enables retailers to improve the profitability of their business through faster customer checkout, accurate inventory tracking, reducing shrinkage, managing employee labor, and effectively marketing to customers based on purchasing trends.

Although North Station Liquors liked LevelUp and CRE, they wanted a more seamless transaction experience. So it seemed like perfect timing when, this past spring, LevelUp and pcAmerica announced their agreement to integrate the LevelUp platform into pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express and Cash Register Express POS software packages. North Station Liquors jumped at the opportunity to integrate LevelUp with their POS.

Now with LevelUp integrated into the POS, transacting with the mobile platform is simpler than ever. The separate LevelUp terminal is no longer needed--just like any other tender type, LevelUp transactions get logged alongside other credit card and cash transactions, making it easier to balance the register at closing.

LevelUp's deep analytics from customer campaigns are also integrated into the merchant's existing POS, making it much easier to track customer purchasing habits and loyalty over time.

“Now it’s easier than ever for North Station Liquors to accept LevelUp transactions,” said Mr. Sheppard. “It’s as simple as scanning someone’s mobile device and then pressing the LevelUp tender key on the POS terminal. There’s only one machine involved, so it’s much faster to process each payment.”  

The analytics from LevelUp promotions are also integrated right into North Station Liquors’ POS terminal, making it easier to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.
“It only took two hours to set up the integration--it was really easy working with the LevelUp team,” said Mr. Sheppard. “The system is simple to learn and use—training the employees took literally less than 10 seconds.”

The newly integrated system has made a visible difference at North Station Liquors. Employees have been able to shave a few seconds off each transaction time, which helps commuters in a hurry get to their trains with time to spare.

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