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Customer tracking and tight inventory control is the main focus on a rental store. You must always know where your products are and who has them. Cash Register Express POS system will help you do just that. With its extensive rental capabilities, you can rent an item with all the flexibility you need and track where the item is and who has it.

When you add an item to the invoice, you can set Cash Register Express to prompt you whether you want to sell or rent the item. If a customer is late on an item and they try to make a new try to make a new purchase, you will be notified that this person still owes you the item they rented. At the touch of a button you can even put the late fee on their account.

Along with its customer loyalty and inventory control features, Cash Register Express incorporates an easy-to-use display that can be enhanced with a touch screen monitor. Teaching your employees how to write up a sale is a job that can be done in seconds

A typical register system for a video store would include Cash Register Express, Dell small form factor computer, thermal receipt printer, cash drawer with organizer, laser bar code scanner, credit card reader (with credit card authorization software) and a customer pole display, When you combine all these peripherals for your register, you are sure to have optimized your checkout process.

key features:

Complete Register System as Shown $3995

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Computer shown includes Cash Register Express, Metrologic bar code scanner, Epson thermal receipt printer, MMF cash drawer with organizer, credit card reader, Logic Controls pole display and ELO flat panel touch screen.